Reliv Independent Distributor
Thank God I Listened! 
In 1995 my sister picked up the phone and made a phone call that would change the direction of many people's lives. Not only was I working 3 jobs (Real Estate, Marketing for a bank and working with Children) trying to make ends meet at that time, but I also had chronic strep throat, Thyroid problems, and was exhausted all the time.  I had been a distributor for 5 other home-based businesses yet none of them had a product that was changing lives or provided an income that would allow me to stay home.  I started in the business and at the same time I got on the products.  I not only began to feel better but I was helping others feel better too.  I started helping others earn an income and live healthier lives.  Because of that decision, I was able to come home from my jobs, work Reliv full time around my life and improve my health.  Fast forward to 2003 when I met Norm, a full time College Basketball Coach dealing with seasonal Allergies, back spasms and sleeping issues.  He says he got on the product to get a second date and ended up with getting his health back, a Wife and Business Partner!  Today we are healthier at 50 than we were in our 30's, we are able to be full time parents to our beautiful gift of a daughter and teach her that we can work as hard for ourselves as we have for other people and actually make a long lasting difference in the world.  I cannot imagine where we would be today had I not listened to my sister and embraced Reliv years ago.  I am so glad we don't have to think about that - this has been an answer to many prayers not only for us, but for many others. Every day is a new day of offering HOPE to people all over the world!